Highest-calibre suspension

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Suspension Ball Joints 01
Suspension Ball Joints 02
Suspension Ball Joints 03
Suspension Ball Joints 04

Suspension bearings

This connects the upper and lower ends of the journal to the suspension arms, allowing oscillations from the wheel-journal to copy the road's profile.

Suspension Control Arms 01
Suspension Control Arms 02
Suspension Control Arms 03

Suspension arms

This joins the journal with the chassis.
It is subject to suspension to absorb vertical movements.
A suspension bearing is built into them

Suspension wishbone arms 01
Suspension wishbone arms 02
Suspension wishbone arms 03
Suspension wishbone arms 04

Suspension wishbone arms

Their role in the suspension is to join the wheel set with the vehicle's chassis.
This coupling absorbs vertical movements, keeping the vehicles wheels in constant contact with the ground.
To this end, the arms have a built-in ball joint. For these suspension arms, it can be disassembled.
On the chassis side, both parts can be combined with silentblocks or ball joints.

Stabilizer Links 01
Stabilizer Links 02
Stabilizer Links 03
Stabilizer Links 04

Stabiliser links

This coupling element links the stabiliser rod and the vehicle's suspension system. Its mission is to compensate the oscillations of the shock absorbers with the stabiliser rod to attain vehicle stability.

Silent Blocks 01
Silent Blocks02
Silent Blocks03
Silent Blocks04
Silent Blocks05


Silentblocks absorb the vibrations transferred to the vehicle body, all while reducing noise, and absorb part of the suspension's displacement.