Suspension For Commercial Vehicles

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We respond to the sector with the best possible guarantees of quality. RTS's position in the sector is stable and secure, as we continue to work hard on the launch of new products.

With almost 4 decades of experience as a manufacturer for passenger vehicles, our policy of high standards of quality makes us a leading company in the sector. The commercial vehicle range has the same standards as the passenger vehicle range, providing maximum reliability and availability.

Suspension Range for Commercial Vehicles


A steering knuckle connected to the chassis. They support the suspension system to absorb vertical movements. They have an integrated ball joint.


These dampen the transmission of vibrations to the vehicle body (passenger compartment) while reducing noise and absorbing part of the suspension travel.


Linking elements between the vehicle's anti-roll bar and the suspension system. Their role is to offset the oscillations of the shock absorbers by means of the anti-roll bar in order to achieve vehicle stability.

V-shaped wishbone arms

Their role in the suspension system is to link the wheel assembly to the vehicle chassis. This joint absorbs vertical movements by keeping the vehicle's wheels in constant contact with the ground.

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